2023 Harvest Policy(Click here to review)

Marketing Services Available**

  • Cash Forward Contracts. Now and including new crop 2023.

  • Futures Only Contracts. Set the futures now, basis later.

  • Target Contract. Target the price you want to sell at, if the market responds and the target is hit, the grain is sold.

  • Minimum Price Contracts. Forward contract/call option to participate if the market goes higher.

  • Extended Price Contract. Replace physical ownership with a futures contract.

  • Average Seasonal Price Contract. Committed bushels priced in equal amounts over a fixed time period.

  • Free Price Later. No service fee. Must be priced by 10-31-2023.  Contact any location for more details.          
  • Direct Ship Program. Deliver direct from your farm to ADM-Columbus for corn or ADM-Fremont for beans.  We match ADM's published bids.

Advantages of Going Through Coop Supply for Direct Delivery

  • Deal with one entity...your local Coop...settlement checks come from us.

  • Assistance in arranging trucking if needed.

  • All of our marketing programs except free price later apply.







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